Kiseop serious face

This Kiseop with his serious face on. LOL

0330kiseop-school student

Here is Kiseop when he is in 0330 as a school student

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In Neverland here kiseop

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Kiseop with his big frindge

Full name: Lee Ki Sub


Birthday: January 17, 1991

Family: Mum, Dad and Elder sister

Religion: Buddhist (including his family)

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 132lbs

Special Abilities: martial arts (Taekwondo), Beat boxing, dancing, acting and playing soccer.

He is a vocalist and one of the main dancers in the group. He joined U-kiss in 2009.

Kiseop is known for being an Ulzzang Eoljjang ‘best face’ in Korea.

Here are some more photos of Lee Kiseop:

The first one (on the top left) is Kiseop in 0330 as a school student

second photo: Is Kiseop in Neverland

third photo is Kiseop with his frindge

and the last one is Kiseop with his hat covering his mouth.


Kiseop with a hat covering his face